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House refurbishment mistakes people make

by | Oct 5, 2022 | 0 comments

House refurbishment mistakes people make:

When it comes to house extensions or refurbishments, homeowners can often make a few mistakes. So to help, we want to share our years of experience of working across the Northeast on a big range of house types and sizes.

As extensions can add value to your home you’ve got to make sure to get the basics right, so it won’t cost you more in the long run.

We have chosen some of the mistakes most often made by homeowners when planning a house refurbishment.

When it comes to building, some homeowners try to produce a budget to give them an idea. But that can end up producing unrealistic figures.

Don’t forget…

The first thing to remember is that every project is different, and it may be useful to chat to a neighbour who has had work done.

But the biggest mistakes include forgetting to budget for some of the extras that will cost you. These tend to include:

  • Fees for building control and planning approval
  • Party wall surveyors
  • Permit fees for skips
  • The quality of finish for wallpaper, floor tiles, carpets, etc.
  • Unforeseen costs, such as scaffolding or the hire of plant equipment

Squaring up!

Some people try to find a figure by working out how much it will cost per square meter. Checking on the internet and finding estimates like this.

The figures can vary and a typical amount for a ground floor extension is about £1,500-£2,500. This is all well and good, but it all depends on what your plans are. Figures based on square meter can be very misleading.

A single storey rear extension of around 10sqm would then be around £15,000-£25,000, according to those figures.

But what it doesn’t include is the cost of adding items on your wish list, such as bi-folding doors, the best kitchen finishes, etc.

And what about unexpected costs, such as the need to move drainage or difficult groundworks that your construction company uncovers?

Using square meter costs for estimates, therefore, can be very misleading.


Choose wisely

The only way to be given a realistic figure is to call an experienced and reputable construction company at the start.

We work on house extensions across the Northeast every day and know the current prices for materials and other costs. We’ll give you a free quote, so you have an idea of the costs involved.

Of course, you can always get more than one quote, but don’t choose the cheapest just because it’s cheaper. This is especially the case if the cheapest is massively cheaper than the rest! The company may have overlooked an issue that the others spotted, so their costs will eventually rise.


Be upfront

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not sharing their budget with their builder. You may think that if you’re upfront and tell your builder you have £40,000 to spend, their quote will be close to your maximum.

If you obtain three quotes, you’ll soon see who is overcharging you.

The biggest benefit of sharing your budget is your builder gives you realistic advice. So, if your dream is to add a kitchen with marble flooring but your budget won’t cover the cost, a good builder will tell you from the start.

Ultimately, our advice is to be realistic and ask first. We can advise on what will be needed on each project. If you need some advice, contact us today.